Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Congratulations! Chances are, if you are reading this you have made the decision to propose to your significant other. Now that you have one big decision out of the way, let us help you resolve another. We have put together a simple guide of some of the things to consider when selecting the perfect engagement ring. 



These are some of the main shapes or diamond cuts to choose from:

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The round diamond is the most popular, accounting for almost 70% of diamond sales across the globe. It is the most     versatile shape and goes with all hand and finger types. An ideal choice if you're confused and cannot decide what to get, you can never go wrong with this one.

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The princess cut is also a favourite with engagement ring buyers, the symmetry of the stone makes for great visual appeal. The unique shape also allows more light to come through the corners as compared to some other cuts. 


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The ideal choice for art deco style jewellery, the rectangular facets of the emerald cut showcase the diamonds clarity beautifully, although the inclusions are more apparent. 

The cushion cut is called so due to its cushion like appearance, with the corners being rounded for a softer effect. The cushion cut is very versatile and works with most setting types and ring styles. 

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The pear shape is sometimes referred to as the tear drop. A well cut and symmetrical pear shape stone can make the fingers look slimmer due to its elongated shape. 

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  • PEAR

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The oval cut is yet another popular cut that is particularly known for creating the illusion of a higher carat weight and size due to its oblong shape. The oval cut does does so because it covers a larger surface area. 

  • OVAL


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If you are looking to make a statement, look no further. The stretched shape with two pointy ends helps the stone cover more surface area, once again creating the illusion of size and making the fingers look longer and slimmer.  

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The asscher cut, often confused with the emerald cut is actually more square than rectangle. In fact, its square with diagonal corners, like a fusion of the princess cut and the emerald cut. 

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The radiant has trimmed corners like the emerald cut, the squareness of the princess cut and the general shape like that of a cushion cut, this is a more modern cut developed in the 1970's. 


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The heart shape cut speaks for itself. This cut was created to showcase the importance of love and romance. It is not as commonly used as the others. 


The second most important thing you need to know is the general combinations of stone shapes to that of the fingers. We have listed these below to give you some tips.  


If you have shorter fingers, you could consider diamond shapes that make your fingers look longer, such as the oval cut, the pear cut or the marquise cut. 

If you like the look of the more rectangular or square shaped stones, they can make your fingers look longer too but if they are too wide they may start to look bulky, the same applies for a classic round cut too. 

Choose a ring design that allows you to play on the length factor so it looks delicate as opposed to something wide.


You definitely have more options if you have long fingers as you can pull off most shapes without a problem. You could pick any of the diamond cuts and it would come down to choosing the correct ring design. 

Opt for a ring design that adds some width to complement the length to add a fuller effect. 


Your aim should be to pick a diamond that does not look too imposing. Any diamond cut in a smaller size would help you create the illusion of width thereby making your fingers look wider.

Choose a ring design with a thicker band to create a wider look.


When picking a ring for a wider finger type, keep in mind that the objective should be to give the fingers a sleeker effect. Choose a wide cut such as an oval or marquise or a squarer cut such as the princess cut or emerald cut. 

Pick a ring design that does not show much of your fingers once worn or else your fingers may appear wider than they are. A halo design would be a great pick.