Founded in 2013 by Prathmesh Mody, a second generation diamantaire with 9 years of experience as a jewellery wholesaler, supplying products to retailers across the UK, Jay Nick London was set up with the goal of providing high quality fine jewellery tailored to your needs. We aim to cater to the bespoke requirements of our clients. 

You do not have to settle for 'something I almost wanted' when you visit a store to purchase jewellery. Our objective is to eliminate that compromise, we have a wide range of designs for you to choose from but we also offer the option to create one-off jewellery, a design that is unique to you, tailored to your expectations. This allows you to choose everything from the style to the setting type.


When you buy jewellery, its a purchase to treasure for a lifetime, and above all, a significant investment. Why commit to something that is not made for you? 

We have established a global supply chain, allowing us to access inventory in multiple countries to find you the best value for your money. 


Let us have the opportunity to translate your dreams into a sparkling reality.